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Reports can be presented to the States Assembly on a wide range of subjects and may include annual reports, consultations, proposed property sales and purchases and delegations of functions.

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  • R.86/2009 States of Jersey Utility Companies: Financial Reports and Accounts – 2008.
    Report Date: 03/08/2009
    Presented by: Minister for Treasury and Resources
    The Jersey New Waterworks Company Limited … Jersey Post International Limited for the year ending 31 December 2008 … JT Group Limited for the year ending 31 December 2008 (redacted …
  • R.26/2016 Draft Bank (Recovery and Resolution) (Jersey) Law 201-: Consultation Paper.
    Report Date: 22/03/2016
    Presented by: Chief Minister
    Presented to the States on 22nd March 2016 by the Chief Minister … R.26/2016 Chief Minister’s Department … Jersey is developing a new bank resolution regime (Jersey Resolution Regime …
  • R.14/2012 Care Inspectorate: Inspection of services for looked-after children.
    Report Date: 07/02/2012
    Presented by: Minister for Health and Social Services
    Price code: F 2012 R.14 STATES OF JERSEY CARE INSPECTORATE: INSPECTION OF SERVICES FOR LOOKED-AFTER CHILDREN Presented to the States on 7th February 2012 by the Minister for …
  • R.91/2015 Dental Health Services and Benefits: Review – June 2015.
    Report Date: 04/08/2015
    Presented by: Minister for Social Security
    During 2014 the departments of Health and Social Services and Social Security worked together to commission two expert reviews of the Island’s dental provision …
  • R.87/2015 Rental sector in Jersey: proposed policy direction.
    Report Date: 29/07/2015
    Presented by: Minister for Housing
    A home provides security, stability and comfort … It affects health and well-being; encourages … for the rental sector and the co-ordination of work taking place across the States to …
  • R.63/2016 States of Jersey Financial Report and Accounts 2015.
    Report Date: 14/06/2016
    Presented by: Minister for Treasury and Resources
    FINANCIAL REPORT AND ACCOUNTS 2015 R.63/20161 Financial Report and Accounts 2015 FINANCIAL REPORT AND ACCOUNTS 20152 Financial Report and Accounts 20153 Financial Report and …
  • R.68/2015 Jersey Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (JMAPPA): Annual Report 2014.
    Report Date: 02/06/2015
    Presented by: Minister for Home Affairs
    It will be noted from the 2014 report that JMAPPA has seen a growth in demand this last year, both in terms of individuals being managed and supported by JMAPPA and consequently …
  • R.51/2010 States Assembly Annual Report 2009
    Report Date: 04/05/2010
    Presented by: Privileges and Procedures Committee
    States Assembly ANNUAL REPORT 2009 PRESENTED TO THE STATES BY THE PRIVILEGES AND PROCEDURES COMMITTEE 2 3 CONTENTS Foreword by the Bailiff of Jersey, President of the …
  • R.1/2016 Health and Social Services: A Sustainable Primary Care Strategy for Jersey 2015 – 2020
    Report Date: 06/01/2016
    Presented by: Minister for Health and Social Services
    P a g e 1 Ministerial Foreword … Primary Care must remain central to our health and social care system; it looks after us from cradle to grave providing General Practice, Dentistry …
  • R.95/2011 Sex Offenders (Jersey) Law 2010: Jersey Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements – Guidance 2010.
    Report Date: 21/07/2011
    Presented by: Minister for Home Affairs
    Price code: D 2011 R.95 STATES OF JERSEY SEX OFFENDERS (JERSEY) LAW 2010: JERSEY … 2.1 Introduction 7 2.2 JMAPPA Co-ordination 7 2.3 The Victim 9 2.4 …
  • R.9/2014 Fit for the Future: A Five-Year Strategy for Sport and Physical Activity in Jersey 2014 – 2018
    Report Date: 21/01/2014
    Presented by: Minister for Education, Sport and Culture
  • R.34/1999 A report into the States of Jersey Service Review Programme
    Report Date: 14/09/1999
    Presented by: Policy and Resources Committee
    Attached is a report prepared by the Corporate Strategy Unit of the Policy and Resources Department … This is an executive report summarising the content of a much fuller report …
  • R.14/2013 States of Jersey Police: Policing Plan 2013.
    Report Date: 01/03/2013
    Presented by: Minister for Home Affairs
    POLICING JERSEY2013 States of Jersey Police Policing Plan 20131 CONTENTS Page Foreword by theHome Affairs Minister 2 Message from the Chief Officer 3 Policing Jersey in 2013 4 …
  • R.81/2005 St. Mark’s school - an integrated children’s centre
    Report Date: 25/10/2005
    Presented by: Education, Sport and Culture Committee
    STATES OF JERSEY r ST. MARK’S SCHOOL: AN INTEGRATED CHILDREN’S CENTRE   Presented to the … a partnership approach is taken to the coordination of information that is available to …
  • R.15/2016 Policing Plan 2016.
    Report Date: 08/02/2016
    Presented by: Minister for Home Affairs
    The Jersey Police Authority continues to work closely with the States of Jersey Police in order to oversee its operations and to be constructively critical of policing in the …
  • R.5/2012 Strategic Plan 2012: Green Paper.
    Report Date: 16/01/2012
    Presented by: Council of Ministers
    Price code: D 2012 R.5 STATES OF JERSEY STRATEGIC PLAN 2012: GREEN PAPER Presented to the States on 16th January 2012 by the Council of Ministers STATES GREFFE Page 1 …
  • R.61/2016 Jersey Council for Safety and Health at Work: re-appointment of Chairman.
    Report Date: 09/06/2016
    Presented by: Minister for Social Security
    Presented to the States on 9th June 2016 by the Minister for Social Security … In accordance with the decision of the States on 2nd February 2010 in adopting the Privileges and …
  • R.59/2017 Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Report
    Report Date: 03/07/2017
    Presented by:
    Presented to the States on 3rd July 2017 by the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry … Printed by Abbey Bookbinding & Printing Ltd, Cardiff … Graphics and cover by Kin Studio, Dundee …
  • R.95/2017 Office of the Data Protection/Information Commissioner: Annual Report 2016
    Report Date: 26/07/2017
    Presented by: Chief Minister
    To fully discharge our statutory duties, as an independent body, to enhance information … In coordination with the sponsoring department in Guernsey, it was agreed to create a …
  • R.43/2012 Taxi Regulatory Reform: March 2012 Green Paper.
    Report Date: 28/03/2012
    Presented by: Minister for Transport and Technical Services
    Taxi Regulatory Reform March 12 Final Quality Assurance Document Management Document Title Taxi Regulatory Reform Name of File 10086C Taxi Regulation in Jersey 18 …

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