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Welcome to the website of the States Assembly in the Island of Jersey

The site includes details of the members, history and procedures of the Assembly, provides a record of past sittings and gives information about propositions that have been debated and that are due to be debated at future sittings. 

Next States Sitting

The States Assembly has concluded its meeting of Tuesday 11th October 2016. It will next meet on Tuesday 1st November 2016.  The Sittings and Debates page lists the propositions that will be debated at that meeting and at future meetings. 

Transcripts of the latest States sittings ('Hansard')

2016.10.11 States - Edited transcript

Webcasting of the States

The Assembly's meetings are webcast.  Each meeting can be watched live and the webcast is then available for a further 6 months and searchable by topic and speaker.  The webcast of the meeting held on 11th October 2016 is now available to watch.


Watch the States Assembly live -


States Assembly Webcasting Site

Sittings and debates

Details of the propositions that are listed for debate at future States sittings and the dates on which they will be debated


Find a list of all current States members and the positions they hold, as well as their contact details


Find out which questions were asked in the States Assembly, when, and who answered them

Committees and panels

Information about the States Assembly's committees and panels and details of their members


Find a record of all votes recorded through the electronic voting system, which shows how States members have voted