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Clothier review

​​​​​What the review covered

The Clothier Panel was appointed by the States to consider whether the machinery of government in Jersey was appropriate to the task of determining, co-ordinating, effecting and monitoring all States’ policies and the delivery of all public services and to make recommendations to the Policy and Resources Committee on how the machinery of government could be improved.

Areas they considered included:
  • the composition, operation and effectiveness of the States’ Assembly
  • the composition, operation and effectiveness of the Committees of the States
  • the role and respective responsibilities of the States, the Committees and Departments in achieving an efficient and effective strategic and business planning and resource allocation process
  • the role of the Bailiff
  • the transparency, accountability and democratic responsiveness of the States’ Assembly and Committees of the States
  • whether the machinery of government is presently s​ubject to checks and balances sufficient to safeguard the public good and the rights of individuals​
but excluded:
  • the constitutional relationship between the Bailiwick and the United Kingdom
  • the constitutional relationship between the Bailiwick and the European Union

Members of the panel

The members of the panel were:
  • Sir Cecil Clothier, K.C.B., Q.C., Chairman
  • Sir Kenneth Bloomfield, K.C.B. 
  • Professor Michael Clarke, C.B.E., D.L. 
  • Mr. John Henwood, M.B.E. 
  • Dr. John Kelleher 
  • Mr. David Le Quesne 
  • Mrs. Anne Perchard ​
  • Mr. Colin Powell, C.B.E 
  • Sir Maurice Shock 
Following publication of the panel’s report in December 2000, a number of changes to J​ersey’s machinery of government were proposed, which resu​lted in the current Ministerial system of government which is in operation today.